The Geological Heritage of County Wicklow

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Wicklow County Council

County Wicklow has an abundance of geological heritage, visible in the  iconic landscapes such as the Wicklow Mountains,  glacial valleys like Glendalough and areas such as Avoca which have a rich heritage associated with mineral exploration and exploitation. Wicklow County Council has been working in partnership with the Irish Geological Heritage Programme (IGH) to document and record this aspect of Wicklow's heritage and to raise awareness and appreciation of geological heritage generally.

The audit of County Geological Sites in Wicklow was completed in 2014 with support from the Heritage Council, the Geological Survey of Ireland,and  Wicklow County Council through the Heritage Office.   These sites recorded below have been included as County Geological Sites (CGS) within the Wicklow County Development Plan (CDP) and form baseline information for a range of outreach activities to promote this aspect of our Wicklow heritage.  

Individual site reports can be found as PDF's below 



Glacial Meltwater Landforms East and West Wicklow
Glacial Meltwater Landforms East and West Wicklow (749k)

Cloghleagh Mine
Cloghleagh Mine (1250k)

Enniskerry Delta
Enniskerry Delta (2186k)

Athdown Moraine
Athdown Moraine (1687k)

Aughrim Quarry
Aughrim Quarry (1691k)

Avoca District Overview
Avoca District Overview (7169k)

Avoca - Connary
Avoca - Connary (1598k)

Avoca - Cronebane
Avoca - Cronebane (1860k)

Avoca - Sroughmore
Avoca - Sroughmore (2277k)

Avoca - Tigroney East
Avoca - Tigroney East (1873k)

Avoca - Tigroney West
Avoca - Tigroney West (878k)

Avoca - West
Avoca - West (1819k)

Ballydonnell (974k)

Ballyknockan (1376k)

Ballyrahan Quarry
Ballyrahan Quarry (1289k)

Blessington Delta
Blessington Delta (2916k)

Bray Head
Bray Head (1180k)

Britonstown (855k)

Camaderry Appinite
Camaderry Appinite (1594k)

Lough Dan, Lough Tae and Cloghoge River
Lough Dan, Lough Tae and Cloghoge River (1386k)

Devil's Glen
Devil's Glen (1914k)

Dunran Channel
Dunran Channel (2097k)

Glasnamullen (1239k)

Glen Ding
Glen Ding (2481k)

Glen of the Downs
Glen of the Downs (2331k)

Glencullen River
Glencullen River (3338k)

Glendalough, Glendasan & Glenmalure District
Glendalough, Glendasan & Glenmalure District (781k)

Glendalough Valley
Glendalough Valley (3262k)

Glendasan - Foxrock
Glendasan - Foxrock (2107k)

Glendasan - Hero
Glendasan - Hero (1658k)

Glendasan - Luganure
Glendasan - Luganure (2782k)

Glendasan - Ruplagh
Glendasan - Ruplagh (2853k)

Glendasan - St Kevin's
Glendasan - St Kevin's (1752k)

Glenmacnass Valley
Glenmacnass Valley (2845k)

Glenmalure (3659k)

Goldmines River
Goldmines River (1637k)

Great Sugar Loaf
Great Sugar Loaf (2582k)

Greystones Appinite
Greystones Appinite (1582k)

Greystones Beach
Greystones Beach (1961k)

Hollywood Glen
Hollywood Glen (1969k)

Kilmacurra Quarry
Kilmacurra Quarry (1741k)

Kippure (815k)

Lough Bray
Lough Bray (2412k)

Lough Dan, Lough Tay and Cloghoge River
Lough Dan, Lough Tay and Cloghoge River (1386k)

Lough Nahanagan
Lough Nahanagan (2420k)

Lough Ouler
Lough Ouler (2310k)

Luggala (1738k)

Lugnaquilla (1592k)

Saundersgrove (2247k)

Mottee Stone
Mottee Stone (1409k)

Mullaghcleevaun (1524k)

Powerscourt Deerpark Cave
Powerscourt Deerpark Cave (722k)

Powerscourt Waterfall
Powerscourt Waterfall (1537k)

River Dargle Valley
River Dargle Valley (2700k)

Rocky Valley
Rocky Valley (723k)

Slieveroe Lane and Rail Cutting
Slieveroe Lane and Rail Cutting (1268k)

Snugborough (1657k)

The Scalp
The Scalp (2764k)

Tober Demesne
Tober Demesne (1878k)

Toor Channel
Toor Channel (2390k)

Upper Lockstown Delta and Kings River
Upper Lockstown Delta and Kings River (2096k)

Upper River Liffey
Upper River Liffey (1644k)

Woodenbridge Wellfield
Woodenbridge Wellfield (1199k)

Wicklow Service Area
Wicklow Service Area (1157k)

Woodenbridge Wellfield
Woodenbridge Wellfield (2725k)

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