Roundwood PURE Mile 2015

Photo:PURE Mile Award's Night

PURE Mile Award's Night

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Roundwood Tidy Towns

Regular entrants and prizewinners in the PURE Mile competition, Roundwood once again have succeeded in entering another excellent Mile, this time winning them the ‘Best Natural Heritage Award’.

The Mile starts from Synnott’s Corner along the Newtown Road, across Watter’s Bridge and onto Slí na Sláinte walk. The majority of the report takes the format of a narrative of a leisurely stroll by two residents. It includes their local and natural history knowledge. Additionally, the work of the Roundwood Tidy Town’s group and local community in improvements of the Mile are featured. The Vartry Resevoir is highlighted and an exhibition of it was held by the local Historical Society. Local flora and fauna are mentioned together with litter reduction initiatives.

Please click on the PDF below to view their excellent report.



Roundwood PURE Mile 2015
Roundwood PURE Mile 2015 (1339k)

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