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Photo:Concentrate Being Unloaded at Arklow

Concentrate Being Unloaded at Arklow

Barry McKeon

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As a young engineer I was sent to review problems being experienced at the Arklow load out facility. Lorry unloading was slow, when copper concentrate was dumped into the hopper over the conveyor feeding the storage shed, the copper concentrate would not discharge correctly and often the conveyor would trip out on overload. It was found that on installation the hopper had been incorrectly assembled, there was a slight narrowing towards the discharge end instead of a slight widening. The copper concentrate was basically wedging rather than relieving as it tried to exit the hopper. It was like a crowd rushing a narrow doorway rather than a wide exit. The unit was simply modified, lorry turn round times were improved, there were fewer frayed nerves, less sweat and tears but possibly less trucking overtime.

By Stephen Young
On 26/11/2018