Blainroe PURE Mile 2014

Bin to Win


The spelling in the deed 1751 is Bleinroe, not Blainroe. Bléan here may mean 'tongue-shaped hollow', referring to the little valley in which the stream runs below Blainroe House. Mourn Hill is given in the Name Book, 1838, as the name of the hill in the south of Blainroe Upper.(Liam Price)

The Mile begins at the Blainroe crossroads and finishes at the beginning of Three Mile Water.

The 3 aims of the project were to clean both sides of the bridge, clean the stone wall and corner area and improve the old pump area by adding a wheelbarrow, chairs and flowers.

Litter picks were also carried out regularly with much of the litter recycled.

A total of 9 people were involved which entailed having monthly meetings to discuss the aims and how best to carry them out.


Photo:Bridge After Cleanup

Bridge After Cleanup

Blainroe PURE Mile

Photo:Wall and Corner After Cleanup

Wall and Corner After Cleanup

Blainroe PURE Mile

Photo:Old Pump Area Before Cleanup

Old Pump Area Before Cleanup

Blainroe PURE Mile

Photo:Old Pump Area After Cleanup

Old Pump Area After Cleanup

Blainroe PURE Mile

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