Road to Upper Aughrim PURE Mile

Submitted by: Aughrim Tidy Towns

By Mary Hargaden

Description of the mile

The start of the Mile is in Lower Aughrim in the town and it continues up the road towards Upper Aughrim.

The Mile passes by a viewing point at the gate to a local pottery. At this new viewing point a plaque notes that Aughrim was the Tidy Towns National Award winner in 2007. Mounted ceramic tiles depict the mountains and localities to be seen from the viewing point. The ones mentioned are Moneyteige North, Middle and South, Ballycoog, Coolahullin, Tomanierin, Croghan Mountain and Coolbawn.  This was created  by a local potter Chriatian Van Bussel.

The Mile continues to a viewing point and rest area for the passer by.  Local endeavour has created a granite walled and seating area.  The granite rock bears the inscription 'Stay, bold adventurer, rest awhile thy limbs on this commodious seat' a quotation from the famous poet William Wordsworth.

The Mile progresses in a loop back to the starting point in Aughrim passing Nursery Way, Riverfield, the Renagh Road and skirting the Ow river.

Along the mile there is a variety of trees such as the Ash, Alder and Sycamore.  Wildlife in this area includes otters, ducks and badgers. 

The many improvements undertaken have ensured that the Mile views to the river and the countryside have been revealed showcasing views of the village and the surrounding countryside. 

Photo:Start of the Mile/Nursery Way

Start of the Mile/Nursery Way

Aughrim Tidy Towns Limited

Photo:Project Underway

Project Underway

Aughrim Tidy Towns Limited

Photo:Preparing Bank for Wall

Preparing Bank for Wall

Aughrim Tidy Towns Limited

Photo:Bank and Wall Firmly in Place

Bank and Wall Firmly in Place

Aughrim Tidy Towns Limited

Photo:The Project Begins

The Project Begins

Aughrim Tidy Towns Limited

Photo:A better day

A better day


Photo:Rest Area on Pure Mile

Rest Area on Pure Mile

Aughrim Tidy Towns Limited

Photo:Wordsworth Quote

Wordsworth Quote


Photo:Viewing Point on Pure Mile - Ceramic by Christien Van Bussel

Viewing Point on Pure Mile - Ceramic by Christien Van Bussel

Aughrim Tidy Towns Limited

Photo:Field of Yellow Rapeseed

Field of Yellow Rapeseed


Photo:Herb Robert  - this wildflower likes shade

Herb Robert - this wildflower likes shade


Photo:Hand-drawn Map of PURE Mile

Hand-drawn Map of PURE Mile

Aughrim Tidy Towns Limited

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