The Bray Medieval Project

Exploring Local History and Archaeology

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The Medieval Bray Project is a not for profit research initiative dedicated to the exploration of the history and archaeology of the medieval manor of Bray during the period of AD 1171 – 1542. The initiative will combine historical research with archaeological investigation to provide a holistic appreciation of the development of the manor of Bray during the research period.

A key element of the initiative is partnership between private and public sector heritage professionals, students and the local community. This partnership will encompass all elements of the initiative, from project planning, through historical and archaeological research, to dissemination of the initiative results.

The project is in its early stages and all are welcome, so get involved and grab the opportunity to participate in an exciting new research initiative in the Bray area. E-Mail to register your contact details, or click HERE to go straight to the website. 


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