Sullivan family in Avoca

Help me find my family

By Wendy Ruffoni

I'm trying to trace my maternal grandmother's family. She was Mary Sullivan (1891 - 1963) and worked for the Fitzgeralds.I believe her father was Patrick. I know that at some point the family lived in Avoca. Several male family members died at sea. I haven't found any documentation so far but have been told there aren't many Sullivans in Avoca. Any possible descendents still living there?


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Hi Wendy there is a Mary Anne Sullivan born in Ballinacor in 1890. Her father is John Sullivan and mother Mary Corcoran. Ballinacor is near Tinahealy only a few miles south east of Avoca.

On 12/11/2018

Unsure if this helps, Mary Corcoran appears to be the sister of my great grandmother. Maria (Mary) was born 10th October 1857 in Newbridge Avoca and married John Sullivan Novemeber 1881 in Rathdrum. A son Daniel was born in 1884. My great grandmothers and Mary’s parents were John Corcoran and Rose Carroll. Rosemided in 1901 and was living with John Sullivan and her daughter Mary Corcoran/Sullivan when she passed away .

By A watson
On 12/04/2019