Recent Archaeological Research in Glendalough

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A Talk on Friday 8th May at Education Centre, Upper Lake

Since 2009 the UCD School of Archaeology have been working in the Glendalough valley, addressing broad questions about the evolution of the valley over time. This has included excavations, geophysical survey and palaeoenvironmental work and has unearthed a wealth of information which changes our understanding of where, when and how settlement took place in the valley over the last 1000 years. 

You are invited to attend a free public talk on the recent archaeological investigations undertaken on Friday 8th May at in the Education Centre of Wicklow Mountains National Park, Miners Road, Upper Lake.

This talk is facilitated by the School of Archaeology, UCD as part of ongoing work through the Glendalough Heritage Forum to enhance our understanding and appreciation of this incredibly rich heritage.  All are welcome to attend.

Another article on this topic and newsletters from the School of Archaeology, UCD  can be accessed elsewhere on this site, follow the link here

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