The Orr Family of Stratford

A Query

By Trevor Stewart

One of the most imposing memorials in Bedford Cemetery is to various members of the Orr family who originated from County Wicklow.

They went out to Australia in 1837 or 1838 and found there way to Bedford in 1868.

The Cemetery is now closed but is being cared for by a group known as the Friends and they are preparing the history of some of the most important families/memorials prior to mounting a full exhibition next year.

Can anyone help with some background information about the origins of the family please and if they are indeed the Orr's who sold the mill in 1837 (Stratford Web Site), what forced them to do that and head off into the virtually unknown world.

Photographs of this memorial could be provided and any help with our research would be most welcome and acknowledged.

Thank you.

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