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By Karl Spencer-Smith

                            Looking for descendants

For many years I have been aware that my late Grandmother was Irish and her Mother was an actual Irish Romany Gypsy, who went onto marry a Scotch-Canadian called William Anthony Webster; sometime in the beginning of the 1900s,obviously in Ireland, as my late Grandmother was born in Wicklow in around 1913;also some of her siblings were also born somewhere in and around Ireland to.

My Great-Grandmothers first name was Elizabeth and was born in 1879,as for her maiden name is still a mystery, but I am trying to track down my late Grandmothers birth certificate: she was born Winifred Webster on the 10/2/13...if someone can find info on a certificate of such, please contact me, as I know then it will have my Great-Grandmothers maiden name on it, along with my Great-Grandfathers details too.

I would have found out the info that I need if my mother was still alive, but sadly she died in 1983 aged 42;so any info I have is what I have remembered, as I was only 15 coming up to 16,when I lost my dear Mother.

If anyone has got some good advice, well I would deeply appreciate it!

                                  "Dia Bless do gach"



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Hello Karl,

What an interesting ancestry you have!  Unfortunately, our parish records for County Wicklow end in 1900.  However, I checked the index of Irish birth records between 1910 and 1915 on as well as on the Irish government site, but I could not find a reference to Winifred's birth.  The birth may not have been registered, or perhaps it was registered under a different Christian name and your grandmother may have become known by her middle name, as sometimes happened.  Please feel free to contact me at if you have the names of her siblings and you would like me to check for their births.  If you know where Winifred married, you might also try to find her marriage record, as this should list her father's name at least.  Details of Irish civil records are on the genealogy section of this site under the heading "Irish Vital Records".

Happy searching!

Catherine Wright

Wicklow Family History Centre

Wicklow County Archives

By Catherine Wright
On 14/05/2015