KAVANAGH Family in Roundwood?

Or Kearns ?

By Martin Kavanagh

I last visited Roundwood as a lad aged 12 in 1956 with my father JAMES KAVANAGH. We visited his brother Martin Kavanagh at 'Sramore' and his sister 'May Kearnes' in Roundwood - I have also met another uncle Tom Kavanagh who visited from USA.

I'd love to contact any Irish family there in the area as I'm getting old (71) here in New Zealand.

I am told that my family are all buried in Glendalough ? It seems that there are some around town in Roundwood - Joan Kavanagh and at "Kavanaghs Vartry House" .. maybe?

My e-mail is: kavanaghm@clear.net.nz




This page was added by Martin Kavanagh on 28/10/2015.
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Hi Martin I believe we are related it sounds like you visited my grandfather Martin Kavanagh. I have tried to email with no success if you would like to make contact can you provide an alternate email address?

By Helen
On 05/11/2015

Helen, I believe that an incomplete e-mail address was given with the original article. It was missing  .nz at the end as in :  kavanaghm@clear.net.nz . I have corrected this now.

By Deirdre Burns
On 05/11/2015

My name is John Joseph Kavanaugh I am 33 and I live in America. My Great Grandfather was John Joseph Kavanagh (added U in last name when came to America) from, what I believe, County Wicklow, more specifically, Roundwood. My Uncle is also Tom Kavanaugh and my Father John and My grandfather Joseph all of which visited our relatives in Roundwood in 1992 or 1993.  I have a Cousin, Pauline, from Ireland, who came to America to visit us, which would have been around early 1990's. I recall my father talking about the "Highest Pub in Ireland" and that he had blood pudding and warm beer with nearly every meal.  

I have a 3 yr old son Ronan and my Brother Andrew (30) has a son, James and a Daughter, Lauren,my Brother Evan (25) is married with no children yet. I haven't had a chance to visit Ireland, however, my two brothers and I would like visit. 

Martin, where do you live in NZ? I visited in June 2006 while studying abroad and visited the North and South Island 

By John "Joe"
On 16/11/2015

Hi John Joseph, My family is in the Christchurch area of South Island NZ. e-mail me at: kavanaghm@clear.net.nz

I am making great contacts with my father James Kavanagh (born 1913) family in Ireland,UK, & USA. - He was one of FOURTEEN children born in Shramore!!

It looks like your grand father 'Johny' was my uncle.

This site is great .. Thank You, Marty Kavanagh

By Martin Kavanagh
On 24/11/2015

Hi I am looking for information on Catherine Hussey, daughter of Honor and Peter Kavanagh from Roundwood. She married Nicholas Hussey from Dublin he would be the connection to my family. 

By Fidelma Mansfield
On 30/07/2019

Hi.  I'm descended from Peter Whelan and Anne Kavanagh  who were married at Coolharbour (near Roundwood) in 1849. 

One of their daughters, Catherine, married Henry Graham of Dublin and emigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsyvlania USA in 1900.  Catherine was my greatgrandmother; she died in 1949.

Does any of this  sound familiar to any Kavanagh's in the Roundwood area?  thanks!  Don Drach 

dondrach@gao.gov  Arlington, Virginia USA

By Don Drach
On 13/08/2019