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Early Christmas Present For Local Schools

By Rosemary Raughter

Greystones Archaeological and Historical Society has joined forces with the La Touche Legacy Committee to compile an information pack which will be distributed free of charge before Christmas to all local primary and secondary schools. The pack consists of a number of publications relating to local history, including volumes 7 and just-published volume 8 of the Society’s Journal, and two recent collaborations between the Historical Society and the La Touche Committee: volumes 1 and 2 of Greystones: its building and history, and the ‘Trails of Greystones’ walking map of the town


As groups committed to fostering an awareness of the area’s past, we particularly welcome the growing appreciation of the value of local studies at both primary and second level. Indeed, the idea of this information pack was prompted by a number of queries received in the recent past from teachers and individual students. We hope that its contents will serve as an essential starting point for researching various aspects of local history in our schools, and we would very much welcome any requests for information or assistance in the future.


Contact details for Greystones Archaeological and Historical Society, together with information on the Society’s activities and back copies of past journals, can be found on its website

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