Glendalough Book

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By Chris Corlett Dec 2017

Glendalough takes its name from the Irish gleann dá locha, which translates as the ‘glen of the two lakes’. Glendalough’s most famous resident was St Kevin, who founded a small monastery here at the end of the 6th century.  Over time St Kevin’s monastery at Glendalough became one of the most important church sites in Ireland, and today is considered one of the premier National Monuments in the country. In this book you will be taken on a journey through the majestic valley of Glendalough, exploring the monuments, legends and history that make this one of the best preserved early Christian church sites anywhere in the world.

Chris is a prolific author and has written, compiled and edited many books with subject matters ranging from archaeology, history, folklore and early photography.

Published by Coles Lane.


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