Genealogical Query: Ellen Dunne

Convent Row Wicklow Town?

By Jacinta Curran

Would anyone know of my Grandmother Ellen Dunne married to John Dunne Convent row Wicklow.I got the 1901 cencus on them and I am wondering what date my grandparents died in the 1920s. I am trying for a long time, I know they died around 1921-1923 I think, but I might be wrong. Any information would be grateful.



This page was added by Jacinta Curran on 07/08/2014.
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Hi Jacinta, have you checked out the genealogical articles and research tips on this site. Alternatively you may wish to engage the services of the Wicklow Family History Centre (details in the links section).

By Deirdre Burns
On 07/08/2014

Thanks Dierdre much oblidged



By jacinta
On 08/08/2014

Hello Jacinta,

As Deirdre suggested, the genealogy articles should be of help.  In particular, have a look at the article "Vital Records: Births, Deaths & Marriages".  This will give you details of the site where you can check the indexes of death records for the deaths of your grandparents.  Once you have their details, you can order the certificates from the General Registers Office (see the article for more information).

By Catherine Wright
On 11/08/2014

Hi Jacinta,

My great grandfather was John Dunn(e) he moved to New Zealand and later Australia. His marriage certificate says he was born in Wicklow around 1843. Does he tie in with your family at all? I do not know his parents Christian names. Hope you can help me.

Rehards Joan Wright

By Joan Wright
On 29/09/2016

Hi Joan There was thirtheen in my grandfathers family. My grandfather was born 1863 so I would say they could of been related. If I hear anything about this I will let you know

Kind regards

Jacinta Curran

By jacinta curran
On 08/05/2017

Hi again

Could the Matthew Dunne, age 57, Fertilizer Factory Worker of Wicklow, who died in Sept 1960 be the son of your John?   Ironically Matthew's son was named John and he was present at time of Matthew's death.   See link:-


On 20/11/2017

Hi Joan I don't know my grandfathers brothers and sisters but it is quiet possible he could be by grandfathers brother

By jacinta Curran
On 09/04/2018

Hi Joan I don't know about my grandfathers brothers and sisters but it could be he was one of the family of John Dunne if I find out anymore I will let you know.

By Jacinta Curran
On 09/04/2018