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Photo:Wounded Soldiers in The Duke of Connaught Hospital (St Patrick's N.S.)  5th July 1917

Wounded Soldiers in The Duke of Connaught Hospital (St Patrick's N.S.) 5th July 1917


Photo:Bray Volunteers during the Civil War

Bray Volunteers during the Civil War


By Dermot Mccabe

In 2011, I proposed that Bray Council should set up a Digital Photographic  Archive in order to preserve existing old photographic material and also capture and catalogue an on-going  digital photographic record of life in the community.  I outlined in detail the process,  equipment and software required to begin the process emphasising the requirement to adhere to international standards for both the quality of the pictures and the cataloguing. The value of any  photographic collection is enormously enhanced by comprehensive ancillary data such as the description of  the content, keywords, place, date and copyright and so on.

In 2012  Thomas Loftus, employed by the council on a part-time basis,  was assigned the task of scanning and cataloguing old photographic material that Bray Council had accumulated over the years. The council provided a computer, a scanner and a space within the newly setup Design Centre.  Unfortunately the process lasted only for the one year but during that period Thomas, who has a keen interest and knowledge of local history, managed to capture a considerable collection and store it in digital format.  I catalogued the collection using a very powerful Digital Asset Management package  called Photo Supreme from a company called Idimager.  In order to make the material available I exported it to Flckr. See or just do a google search for Bray Photo Archives Flckr. Here you will find some of the Bray Council collection, along with a lot of current photographs of Bray and some of its people involved in the arts.

As well as the importance of capturing a photographic record of the life and culture of a community (which is something of immense value) the digitisation of such material means it is very amenable to exploiting the incredible advances in computer and communications technology: It allows one to share this rich material on the internet giving worldwide access to our local history in pictorial form.

My wish is that a proper Digital Photographic Archive for Wicklow could be started.  It requires the commitment of a few enthusiastic people and a modest fund to commence this work. If anyone is interested, perhaps we could get together and make a start. If you are interested contact me, Dermot McCabe at

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