Ballycurragh PURE Mile 2013

Photo:The Mile

The Mile

Askanagap Community Development Assoc.

Photo:The Team

The Team

Askanagap Community Development Assoc.

Photo:A Dog's Life?

A Dog's Life?

Askanagap Community Development Assoc.

Photo:The Ow River

The Ow River

Askanagap Community Development Assoc.

Photo:Ballycurragh Bridge

Ballycurragh Bridge

Askanagap Community Development Assoc.

Photo:Red Deer

Red Deer

Askanagap Community Development Association

Description of the PURE Mile

The Mile runs from the forestry entrance on the left as you travel along the road from Askanagap towards Rathdangan. You pass the path down towards the Coole Estate to your right with spectacular views unfolding of Coolgarrow, Ballinagappoge and Carrickashane Mountains with Croaghmoira visible in the distance. The land falls away to the east as you look down the gentle rolling pasture and to the west you notice the rising land with a mixture of reclaimed grazing land and forestry.

After approximately half a mile you arrive at the first of two granite bridges, Ballycurragh Bridge. They both ford two tumbling small tributaries of the fast flowing Ow River to the east. It is believed that these bridges were built on this stretch of road to serve the Coole Estate, the village of Askanagap and the town of Aughrim.

Spectacular views unfold at every step as the Mile proceeds.  The old sheep tub at Carthy’s can be seen with the ‘lazy beds’ below. The end of the Mile arrives at Ballyteigh Bridge with its forestry road running up to the left.


Flora and Fauna

There are extensive tree plantings on both sides of the Mile with evergreen forestry on the left and a most interesting deciduous planting of oak, ash and birch on the right being part of the Coole Estate.

There is evidence of deer, badger and rabbit runs on the Mile.

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