Ballycoog PURE Mile 2015

Photo:Map of mile

Map of mile

Ballycoog District Development Association

Ballycoog District Development Association


This article is one of a series of articles archiving the work and research undertaken by local people all over county Wicklow and in South County Dublin as part of the PURE Mile competition. The Mile begins at Hubba Park, continuing on to the crossroads and finishing just before Woodenbridge House.

Litter Management

Frequent litter picking evenings were arranged by the committee where all roads leading off the crossroads are walked. The school children also joined in on occasions. It was collected by the Wicklow Uplands Council. 


Water Management

The school children carried out a project with particular attention given to leaks to reduce water consumption . An ongoing record was kept by doing leak tests, and timing of washing hands. Only rainwater was used for watering the plants in the school's organic garden and plastic bottles replaced hippo bags to reduce consumption for toilet flushing. The school children were awarded their 2nd Green Flag in May 2015 which they were delighted to receive.

Photo:Green Flag Awards Ceremony

Green Flag Awards Ceremony

Ballycoog District Development Association

Locations along the Mile


The church will be celebrating its bicentenary anniversary in 2016. Work is under way on cleaning the outer buildings and replacing the gutters and chutes. This is a work in progress.



Ballycoog District Development Association

Grotto Area

Plans were drawn up to clean up around this whole area, the walkway up to the Grotto and the area in front of it. Spring flowers were planted early in the year which produced some lovely colours in the Spring. Since then work has gotten underway planting seasonal plants and shrubs and placing large stones around the area to tie in with the look around the pump area at the crossroads.

Photo:Work at Grotto Area

Work at Grotto Area

Ballycoog District Development Association

Photo:Grotto Area

Grotto Area

Ballycoog District Development Association

Community Hall Carpark

Planting was carried out at the back of the carpark where the blue railing is. The results can be seen in the before and after photo.

Photo:Community Hall Carpark Area

Community Hall Carpark Area

Ballycoog District Development Association


Pump Area and Church Carpark

Ongoing maintenance of these areas has been carried out on a monthly basis.

Photo:Pump and Church Carpark

Pump and Church Carpark

Ballycoog District Development Association

The School

Much work was completed in the front area of the school before the school's family day in June. A lot of planting took place with a Bee & Butterfly Garden completed for the middle of the garden. A stone was donated which the school name and logo could be displayed. After the family day the lawn was reseeded and gravel laid.

Photo:Work at School

Work at School

Ballycoog District Development Association

Photo:School Stone

School Stone

Ballycoog District Development Association

Photo:National School Family Day

National School Family Day

Ballycoog District Development Association

Hubba's Park

Plans were made to paint the boundary fence and replace the grassy area with wild and natural plants and possibly a fountain/waterfall in the middle  with surrounding benches for people to enjoy. A Community Awards Scheme Grant was awarded for this project.

Photo:Hubba's Park before Work

Hubba's Park before Work

Ballycoog District Development Association




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